History of USA muscle cars


    USA muscle cars are often “described” by people as having a “muscular” appearance with a powerful V8 engine block and a burning smell of tires when accelerating.

    Most muscle car enthusiasts consider 1949 and the Oldsmobile Rocket 88 their first USA muscle cars model. Opinions may vary, but we can all agree that putting a V8 in a lightweight vehicle designed to go fast was a memorable turning point in American automotive history. A cross between the Rocket 88’s V8 303 and Cadillac’s 331, the high – performance V8 was born and the public was ready to celebrate.

    The birth of American muscle cars- Building an empire

    In the 60s and 70s of the last century, when gasoline was still very cheap and there were no regulations on emissions, American “muscle” cars were very popular. It’s not too hard to come across a coupe with a rough, simple appearance, but equipped with a lightweight V8 engine, with a capacity of more than 300 horsepower on the street. These include the Ponituck GT, Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger and many famous names of the time.

    Behind these scary power numbers are a lot of interesting “anecdotes” about American “muscle” cars that not everyone knows about them.

    The first American wild horse was “born” in 1964 with a rather special name – ½ ford Mustang in 1964, Provided from a Mustang Fastback version with a 6-cylinder engine and many options such as automatic transmission, air conditioning … A year later, father Carroll Shelby launched the Fastback GT350. Very sporty and eye-catching.

    However, few people know that the 1967 Mustang Shelby had to “borrow” the taillight design from the Mercury Cougar, and the 1966 Ford Thunderbird used the taillight in 1968.

    American muscle cars reached their peak from the 60s to the 70s of the 20th century

    Besides the Mustang, the Corvette was also a pretty “popular” name at the time. The model’s brightest period was its third generation, from 1968 to 1982, and many predictions were made when GM decided to introduce a C4 version that would use a rear-engined chassis. Equipped with a rotary piston engine of C4.

    Until launch, however, the Corvette C4 still uses the Chevrolet V8 engine and only makes 205 horsepower. After much effort to improve the fuel injection system, Chevrolet “launched” his 375-horsepower machine called the ZR-1.

    In the late 1970s, muscle cars began to enter a ‘dark age’ when emissions regulations became increasingly strict and gasoline prices skyrocketed. Manufacturers are forced to “reduce” engine power and “muscle” of the car.

    However, Ponituck went against the majority at the time. Firebird Trans Am 1978 increased engine power from 200 hp to 220 hp and upgraded suspension, wheels and tires. This WS6 package has helped the “Male Leader” in the movie Smokey & the Bandit reach speeds faster than a Chevrolet Corvette on the same track.

    USA muscle cars are still popular with speed enthusiasts in the 21st century

    The American muscle car line has created a unique culture among car enthusiasts. Recently, some models of this type have been revived after a long time missing from the market. American muscle cars appeared in many Hollywood movies and music videos, making it a global phenomenon.

    American muscle cars have a masculine, powerful style, most of which have a V8 engine block and a characteristic exhaust. These models are famous for their engine power.

    The 2005 Ford Mustang uses Ford’s V8 engine. This is a completely modern machine with an alloy cylinder and lid block and a wire-operated throttle.

    American muscle cars still receive popularity from a large number of speed enthusiasts around the globe

    The 4.6-liter engine with three valves per cylinder and an electronic camshaft control system produces a maximum capacity of 300 horsepower and 434 Nm of torque.

    The use of alloys in the construction has allowed the weight of the engine to be reduced to 34 kg, removing a significant part of the pressure on the front suspension that has affected generations of Mustangs.

    By 2022, major muscle car manufacturers have planned to launch new models with many improvements to the market. In particular, Dodge Charger Daytona has just launched the first USA muscle cars line running on electric power, bringing a new record.


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